Discover our new design

Discover our new design

The Lufthansa Systems brand keeps evolving. Our redesign reflects our self-image. It shows our customers and partners what we stand for, and what you can expect from us. In all areas. Every day anew.

Before getting to know our design, please familiarize yourself with Lufthansa Systems’ image campaign and slogan.

What image of Lufthansa Systems does the campaign convey?

At Lufthansa Systems we have a deep understanding of the airline business. That’s why we are close to the pulse of aviation IT. Perhaps closer than anyone else.

Our image campaign shows employees who are so deeply involved in the material that they merge with their work. This is how we make clear: Wherever digitalization and aviation meet, we are already involved and can offer our customers real added value with our in-depth “insider knowledge”.

Looking for an insider in airline


“Hi, I’m Mario Weil and I have been working for Lufthansa Systems since 2005. As a Product Owner for Inflight Entertainment, I'm a true insider because my job in the BoardConnect area adds joy and value to every single passenger’s flight experience.”
“Hallo, I'm Salma Musa and started working with LSY in 2012. My work consists of providing aeronautic date for every flight to make it safe and efficient.”

What does the slogan achieve?

Our image campaign is accompanied by our slogan. It says in only a few words what our customers and partners should think about us. It is the most concentrated expression of our image, both in internal and external communication.

The slogan describes us as experts not only in the field of airline aviation IT. It signals to potential customers:
“Take a closer look – Lufthansa Systems can do more and does more than you might think”.

Our slogan is: We’re into IT.

How do we translate the image into design?

Communication at Lufthansa Systems is holistic. That’s why the content dimension of our image message
Lufthansa Systems – the enthusiastic insiders” is reflected in the design of the brand.

We approach our customers very individually with different image worlds. We also use graphic elements to highlight facts, or focus on unusual content. This enables us to provide unusual insights on a visual level and directly involve the viewer – making him or her an insider, so to speak.

Design elements

Our type


Our new corporate type. More than
just letters. Part of our brand identity.
A commitment to elegance. And to
usability. Easy to read. On paper.
On a screen. And everywhere else.

Our colors

What does the implementation of the design look like?

The new design creates a bridge that extends from the Lufthansa Systems image to concrete products and thus unites all dimensions of our communication. In combination with the new design specifications of our parent companies, this creates the unique face of Lufthansa Systems.

AIX 2019 in Hamburg
APEX 2019 in Los Angeles

Why are we also committed to sustainability?

Lufthansa Systems assumes responsibility. We strive to strike a balance between economy, ecology and social factors. We implement this approach with a variety of measures. For example, at trade fairs, or in our newly designed range of advertising materials. In the future, we want to work exclusively with sustainable materials if this is possible.

German Brand Award 2019!

We are delighted that our brand is not only popular internally, and are proud to have received the following awards at the German Brand Award ceremony for outstanding brand communication:

„Winner“ for Lufthansa Systems in the category Excellent Brands - Corporate Services
„Winner“ for Lufthansa Systems in the category Excellent Brands - Corporate Brand of the Year

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