Lufthansa Systems refreshes the brand

Nothing is as constant as change. In an interview, Lufthansa Systems CEO Olivier Krüger explains how a new image campaign combined with a redesign of the brand reflects the change and self-image of the IT provider.

Olivier Krüger, CEO

“Take a closer look –

Lufthansa Systems is able

to do and provide more

than you might think.”

Q: Mr Krüger, why is Lufthansa Systems getting a redesign?

Olivier Krüger: Refreshing the brand is an important step for us in communicating and advancing our strategic development. We have undergone a major transformation in recent years – from being a pure technology service provider to an expert for digital transformation projects. We have become more agile and have a reputation internationally as an exciting and attractive employer.

With our digital platform “Aviation Campus” we show clearly: We are the right partner. We offer a unique combination of aviation expertise, consulting, and technological expertise.

Externally, the redesign is therefore an important signal to our customers. This is how we position ourselves as a company that not only accompanies change, but lives it from within.

Q: How does the new positioning affect communication?

Olivier Krüger: One good example is the new slogan “We’re into IT”. This not only describes us as experts in the field of airline aviation IT, but also signals to potential customers: “Take a closer look – Lufthansa Systems is able to do and provide more than you might think”. Our new image campaign, which includes new visuals and an image video, also contributes to this. The motto “It's worth taking a closer look” is presented here in an exciting way. Our colleagues become one with their working environment and demonstrate: Wherever digitalization and aviation come together, we are already involved and can offer our customers real added value with our in-depth “insider knowledge”. Even though we are often invisible to passengers, we are the ones who ensure smooth processes from planning to flight operation.

Q: What does this mean for the new design?

Olivier Krüger: This content-related dimension will also be made visible in the design to emphasize our new performance promise “We’re into IT”. “One size fits all” is no longer feasible – we interact with our customers very individually with different visual worlds. In the future, we will concentrate more on graphic elements with which we want to highlight facts or focus on exceptional content. This also enables us to provide unusual insights on a visual level and directly involve the viewer, making him or her virtually an insider. In combination with our parent company's new design specifications, this creates the unique face of Lufthansa Systems.

We’re into IT

Q: What changes does this entail for the strategic brand management?

Olivier Krüger: In the past, B2B brands tended to be inconspicuous and restricted themselves to providing technical information. These days are long past, and the changes are ongoing. Today, the same brands need to show character and arouse emotions. For us this means: We not only have to make an impression, but also inspire enthusiasm! To achieve this, we need consistent brand building, differentiated marketing strategies, and strategic approaches to stage product messages that aim for uniqueness, attention, and involvement. This will again significantly increase Lufthansa Systems’ visibility in the airline and aviation market.


the same brands

need to show character

and arouse emotions.

Q: What role does the Brand Center play in this?

Olivier Krüger: Our digital Brand Center is the “sweet spot” for the development of our corporate identity. It is where we concentrate what makes up the Lufthansa Systems brand and the spirit of our company – all available digitally and easy to update. This is not only a huge advantage over cumbersome design manuals, but also a sign of a different approach. Where once the strict rules of a manual applied, the Brand Center is all about “style education”. Because the use of our brand portal should feel like any other user experience: free, self-determined, and with room for creativity. This is how users become brand ambassadors. Of course, an open approach to the subject of communication and design also makes work more fun.

Q: Is that the end of the process?

Olivier Krüger: By no means. A dynamic brand like Lufthansa Systems evolves continuously – not least in view of digitalization. The digital revolution is altering our customers’ attitudes and expectations. We have to react to this, not only in terms of design, but also with regard to our products.

Q: What does that mean in concrete terms?

Olivier Krüger: Business today means digital business. IT is the driver that creates new things. Mobile technologies, analytics and cloud solutions are the pacemakers of change. What is becoming ever more important: Digital transformation is not an end in itself. Our innovations occur at the interface to the customer and extend to the end consumer. The classic B2B relationship is being extended to B2B2C. We are positioning ourselves far more strongly than previously as a service provider that focuses not only on its business customers but also on their customers: the passengers.

Q: What role will Lufthansa Systems play in this digital change?

Olivier Krüger: We want to assist airlines in making the way they address and experience their passengers more individual – in addition to our solutions for flight operations and market and sales management. The goal is the “Connected Customer Journey” – continuous support along the entire travel chain. To accomplish this, we need to know our end consumers better than ever before. Onboard services such as Internet connectivity are continuing to gain ground and are important business drivers. The future lies in the greatest possible degree of individualization of such solutions. We are already able to provide consumers with content that exactly matches their requirements. And our customers with the products that make this possible.

Q: With so much change: What must stay the same?

Olivier Krüger: That which has always distinguished us: our passion for the airline business and inquisitiveness.